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Praying and Meditation are Actually Very Healthy for You; Here’s the Science to Back it Up!

Praying and Meditation have long been debated by very religious people and atheist; so who is right? Scientist have conducted research on drum beats used during the rituals held by ancient cultures. The results concluded that the beats stay at a rate of 4.5 BPS. At 4.5 Beats Per Second the brain may enter a trance-like state. This is possible because the brainwave frequency at 4.5 Beats Per Second is referred to as a Theta Brainwave state, which is very low!

These beats have been played during rituals throughout centuries. Native American Shamans, Tibetan Monks, and others have been able to achieve this trance- like state by using chants and drum beats at the Theta brainwave state.

“Andrew Newberg, neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, and author of “How God Changes Your Brain”, discovered that while we are deep in prayer or meditation, activity in our parietal lobes drops to almost nothing.”

The parietal lobe controls sensory awareness and connects us to the outside environment, Newberg’s theory proposes the idea that the drop in activity during prayer or meditation in correlation with the happenings in the parietal lobe create the transcendent feeling of oneness with the universe.

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